COVID-19 Guidelines for NSA Squash Courts

With the Lockdown that was imposed on March 14, 2020, due to COVID-19, all sport centers, gyms, and squash courts were ordered to close. From June 13, 2020, we can return to different normality, with specific measures needed to apply. With the guidelines issued by the Cyprus Squash Association, we resume operation with the plan presented below:

These guidelines are current at the time of writing but may be revised at any time


Access to the courts

Squash courts will only be open to players who have permission to use the premises. For the operation of the courts, at least one staff member should be present.

Who has permission?

Permission is given to any NSA registered members, junior athletes, and visiting players who have submitted the “registration form for non-member access” and have selected a paying plan for the period 13/6 - 31/8/2020.

Access to the Online Court Booking service for this period is provided to the prepaid court cardholders. Registered members can reserve courts up to 72 hours prior to the game whereas the Non-registered NSA members can book a court only 24 hours before. Both players of a reservation should be known to the administrator.

Limitation of occupancy

The number of players allowed into the Squash court and at the adjacent spectator area at any time should be limited, preventing large gatherings and ensure there’s sufficient space to allow players to remain two meters from one another.

The number of players allowed into the Squash court and any adjacent spectator areas is 8, with a maximum number of players inside a squash court of 2 players. 

Players should arrive at courts maximum 15 minutes before their reservation and should leave the premises immediately and not more than 5 minutes after their reservation is concluded.

No spectators allowed. 

Hand sanitizer stations - Personal hygiene

Hand sanitizer and handwashing stations will be available for players to use. At the assigned entrance of the courts, there will be sanitizer for players to sanitize their hands upon their arrival at the courts and should sanitize them regularly.

All players should clean hands thoroughly on arrival and leaving.

Signs and markers

Signs will be posted at the entrance to notify players that they should not enter if they have symptoms of COVID-19. Also, to make players aware of the physical distancing requirements, enhanced sanitation procedures, and any other instructions and limitations, as applicable.

Floor markings also are placed to indicate the expected 2-meter gap in spaces where more than 2 people may gather at any one time.

Upon arrival at the premises

All players will be asked the following question when they arrive:

Do you have any of the following symptoms: coughing, fever, sore throat, or difficulty breathing?

Players who answer yes will not be permitted to enter.

Or even, if experiencing symptoms of the illness beforehand should not appear at the courts, cancel court reservation, and consult their personal doctor.

Training – games

For the period 13 -28 June 2020, training is permitted following all relevant instructions that impose a 2-meter distance from the opponent. No games or tournaments are permitted at this time.

As from 29 of June 2020, the above relevant instructions will be removed, and training, games, and organization of tournaments will be allowed unless these are revised by new instructions.

On court

Please note the following:

  • No handshaking.
  • Keep 2 meters distance from the opponent (13-28/6/2020)
  • Use your own towel to wipe away sweat.
  • Do not wipe hands-on walls!
  • Change sweat t-shirts immediately and put them in your bag.
  • Bring your own ball and racket (no hire/rental allowed).
  • Always remove your litter from courts.

Changing facilities and showers will be closed

Players should arrive at the squash courts in workout clothes as changing rooms will be closed.

The use of changing facilities and showers is prohibited. Only the use of toilets and sinks for washing hands is allowed. Hand sanitizers, soaps, and single paper towels will be available for use.

Water cooling machines

Water cooling machines and water fountains are prohibited for use. Players should bring drinking water and use their own water bottles without sharing.