Conclusion of round 1 - new rules


As we approach the conclusion of round 1 of the NSA League 2020-21, we would like to inform you that special rules will apply for this season, due to the extraordinary conditions of COVID-19.

Please be reminded that for your participation in each round, you need to indicate your interest, simply by replying to this email. The participation fee for each round is set to €45 for seniors and €30 for junior members.

Also, as we need to manage all problems we face due to the pandemic, we need to proceed with certain actions. And this in order to get stronger again as an Association and be able to provide in the best possible way our services to all our members and most of all secure the continuity of NSA.

It has been decided to allow new members to join our league, at the beginning of each new round, and also to examine the possibility of changing the format of the League in order to accommodate the new rules applied. Therefore, upon completion of each round, and after the promotion and demotion of all participants, our Regional Ranking will be announced, and based on that, try-outs for new members will be organized, so as to form our divisions from the beginning. Members that were normally getting promoted to a higher division, might be challenged for their position in the newly formed divisions.

Round 1 is expected to be concluded on Monday 16 November 2020.

The deadline for submitting your interest for participation in the next round and for new members to submit their entry forms in order to join the league is Thursday 12 November 2020.

Round 2 starting dates will be decided according to participations and try-outs and will be announced together with the final results of round 1.

We would like to thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


The NSA Committee