Next phase of the de-escalation steps on April 6, 2021


Following the statement by the Minister of Health, Mr. Constantinos Ioannou on 31 March 2021, and the clarifications issued by the Cyprus Sports Authorities, we are

now proceeding to the next phase of the de-escalation steps, with the following rules/regulations applying:

As from Tuesday, April 6 2021, the courts will be open for reservations, and from Monday April 12 2021, junior training will resume. All players, seniors and juniors are obliged to comply and undertake the following regulations:

Maximum numbers - Limitation of occupancy:

Regarding our sport, training is allowed with the maximum number of persons to be set at three per court, including the trainer/coach. 

NO spectators in the adjacent area are allowed. 

Maximum numbers should not be exceeded at any time.

COVID-19 Rapid Test:

It is compulsory for all court users to have a negative COVID-19 rapid test, with validity not more than 7 days prior to their game or training.

Test regularly:

All court users need to test on a weekly basis and inform us beforehand of the date and result of the test.

Junior athletes:

The test is not mandatory for ages 12-18 but we strongly advise that you take the test to help us ensure and maintain, with your cooperation, a COVID-secure environment, and keeping everyone safe (for ages under 12 test is not required).

Arriving at courts – Leaving the area:

Players should arrive at courts not more than 5 minutes prior their reservation and should leave the premises immediately and not more than 5 minutes after their reservation is concluded.

As maximum numbers should not be exceeded at any time, we are kindly advising all parents and guardians not to enter the area. All junior athletes may be escorted outdoors upon completion of training, and safely delivered to their parents or guardians.

Reserve a court:

This can be done through our online booking service. Reservations can be made 96-18 hours beforehand. 

Face mask:

You must wear a face mask when you are entering and leaving the premises. Athletes while exercising can remove their face masks.

Changing rooms-toilets-showers:

Access to the changing rooms/toilets/showers is only allowed for toilet usage.

Important Information:

Always have with you your identity card/passport and proof of the COVID-19 rapid test in case of inspection by the authorities.

 Check important information:

Statement by the Minister of Health, Mr. Constantinos Ioannou, during the announcement of the decisions of the Council of Ministers

Announcements issued by Cyprus Sports Authority



Nicosia Squash Association