Rapid tests

Updated on 3 April 2021


Following the latest statement by the Minister of Health, Mr. Constantinos Ioannou on Wednesday 31 March, further de-escalation steps have been decided, and as of Tuesday, April 6 2021 new rules apply, where all athletes being obliged to take a rapid test for accessing the courts. 


COVID-19 Rapid Test:

It is compulsory for all court users to have a COVID-19 rapid test with a negative result, with validity, not more than 7 days prior to their game or training.

Test regularly:

All court users need to test weekly and inform us beforehand on the date and result of the test.

Junior athletes:

As this is not mandatory for ages 12-18, we strongly advise that you take the test to ensure and maintain, with your cooperation, a COVID-secure environment, helping to keep everyone safe (for ages under 12 tests is not required).

Important Information:

Always have with you your identity card/passport and proof of the test in case of inspection by the authorities.


For any questions or concerns about the above please contact +35799663970 Mon-Fri 08:30-13:00.