9.1.E. NSA Squash League - New entrants classification matches


Due to COVID-19 pandemic rules might change.


9.1.E.1. Registration for participation to the NSA Squash League.

9.1.E.1.1. Registration period is specified where players may submit their entry forms (9.1.C.1.).

9.1.E.1.2. Registration period is for members wishing to participate in the Championship.

9.1.E.1.3. Members who do not wish to participate in the Championship are not required to pay the annual subscription based on the expiration date of the entries. However, until they settle their subscription they will be considered as non-members with the appropriate rights and charges.


9.1.E.2. Criteria for participation in the Championship.

9.1.E.2.1. Settlement of the annual membership fee,

9.1.E.2.2. Settlement of any other financial liabilities to the Association,

9.1.E.2.3. Submission of a valid Health Certificate ASYA/CSA or a Disclaimer.


9.1.E.3. Preliminary ranking of members based on their ranking in the previous season.

9.1.E.3.1. Those members who meet the criteria for participating in the Championship are included in the preliminary ranking process.

9.1.E.3.2. Divisions are defined as completed in the previous season, after the promotions and demotions of the members.

9.1.E.3.3. In cases where members do not participate in the new period, their seats are vacated and transferred to the last position of each category.

9.1.E.3.4. Members who have completed their matches of the previous season and are in the Association’s ranking do not participate in a process for improving their position. Only in the case of being considered as necessary according to rule 9.1.A.14.


9.1.E.4. Conduct friendly matches for indicative ranking.

9.1.E.4.1. In the case of new entrants, they are "tested" for an indicative rating for their participation in the process of claiming position to a division.


9.1.E.5. Determination of matches to new members to claim category based on their indicative ranking.

9.1.E.5.1. Each new member claims an entry to a division, in the last position 6 or accordingly depending to the number of number of contenders.

9.1.E.5.2 Under no circumstances, can claim a position other than that.

9.1.E.5.3. If there is a vacancy, then this position is filled in according to regulation 9.1.A.14.

9.1.E.5.4. Depending on the number of contenders, the format of the classification matches is determined along with the timetable.

9.1.E.5.5. Classification matches should start from Division 1 (if there is a contender) and depending on the results continue to the next.

9.1.E.5.6. If a new entrant fails in claiming a position in a division, then matches should be assigned for the next division.

9.1.E.5.7. The organizing committee reserves the right, where appropriate, to circumvent or modify procedures only in cases of long duration of this process.

9.1.E.5.8. In cases where there is feedback about the new entrant’s level, he / she may proceed to his / her non-competitive placement. This is only the case when the new member fills in an empty position and does not cause demotion of a member.