9.1.C. NSA Squash League - Championship phases


9.1.C.1. 1st phase (League announcement)

Deadline for registrations for round 1 is set for 5 September 2020. Following that, a preliminary ranking is set for entrants based on previous year's results. For new entrants, tryouts are assigned for their placement in divisions. Upon conclusion of the tryouts, new divisions are formed and match schedules are prepared and sent to all participants a week prior to the beginning of the tournament.


9.1.C.2. 2nd phase

Several rounds are normally organized each season, but due to the COIVID-19 pandemic, a specific number of rounds cannot be ensured for this period. The situation will be monitored and the continuity of the event will be decided accordingly. Each round will be announced separately.

New entrants might be able to join at each round, only if this does not affect the organization of the event. Relevant announcements are issued.

Upon conclusion of the League at the end of the season, the Champion is announced along with the runner-up, Most Improved Player (MIP) and Most Improved Junior (MIJ) of the season. The final ranking of all participants is defined from their last round position, after the promotions and demotions, and is not affected by the championship rankings.


9.1.C.3. 3rd phase (NSA Super Cup)

With the conclusion of the League at the end of the season, the top 8 players with the higher championship ranking will be participating in a three (3) day tournament, the NSA Super Cup. In the case of inability of any of these players to participate, those following in the championship ranking may fill the vacant positions.