9.1.A. NSA Squash League - Regulations


Due to the COIVID-19 pandemic, special rules apply.

9.1.Α.1. The NSA Squash League is held at "Tasos Papadopoulos - Eleftheria" sports center at Engomi, on weekdays from 18:00 to 21:00 and on Saturdays from 09:00-13:00.

9.1.Α.2. The format of the league is decided according to the number of participants and court availability. For NSA League 2020-21|R1, each division consists of 6 players. Players will compete against their opponents once in a best-of-5-games match. The PAR 11 scoring system will be applied. Because of the uncertainty for the continuity of the event, due to the COIVID-19 pandemic, each round will be announced separately.

9.1.Α.3. Matches are played on the day and time assigned by schedule. In case of a player’s inability to compete, the following procedure is followed:

9.1.Α.3.1. Every player reserves the right not to accept the postponement of the match

9.1.Α.3.2. In the case of acceptance, the opponent of the player with the request has the first say in the arrangement. If there is no arrangement, then there is a count of 3-J where 3 points will be accumulated to the player who was able to compete at the set time, and the player with the request gets zero (0) points and a J (Justified absence).

9.1.Α.3.3. The League director must be notified of the details of the postponement by 12 noon of the originally scheduled match.

9.1.Α.4. Results must be reported no later than the following Monday after the 5th game. Otherwise, both players will be awarded a J if they had notified the league director beforehand. Otherwise, a D will be awarded (paragraphs 9.1.Α.5. and 9.1.B.).

9.1.Α.5. Players must be on the court ready to play as assigned by the matches’ schedule. Any player who is delayed more than 5 minutes will be given a D or a J appropriately. Arrangements for rescheduling may be allowed only with the approval of the League Director and the opponent’s acceptance.

9.1.Α.6. Players must provide their own squash balls for their matches.

9.1.Α.6.1. Dunlop Double yellow dot with the double yellow dot in the yellow packaging and the name "Revelation Pro" or equivalent from another company is defined as the tournament’s official ball.

9.1.Α.6.2. For the period 1 December to 28 February, the official ball will be Dunlop single yellow dot with the name "Competition" or equivalent from another company.

9.1.Α.6.3. If both players agree, matches may be played with any type of squash ball they prefer.

9.1.Α.7. WSF’s rules of the squash individual game will apply.

9.1.Α.7.1. The matches are held without a referee.

9.1.Α.7.2. If there is no referee, then both players accept this settlement and are obliged to play their match. Retirement or withdrawal from the game is considered as defeat.

9.1.Α.7.3. Each player reserves the right to apply for refereeing services for his match to NSA’s Organizing Committee. The request should be made at least 1 week prior to the match and a fee of €25 to be submitted as a compensation fee for the service. In this case, the player’s opponent is being informed and the match is held without any changes on the day, time, and venue as officially set by the matches’ schedule. Both players need to agree within 2 days on a commonly accepted referee and inform the Organizing Committee. In a different case, the Organizing Committee assigns a referee.

9.1.Α.8. Behaviors by athletes considered as unsportsmanlike will be treated either by an oral or a written reprimand. In cases of recurrence, the Association will apply its’ provisions of the Articles for the deletion of a member. Depending on the case, the Association retains the right to deviate from the penalty level. Penalties are as follows:

9.1.Α.8.1. Reprimand,

9.1.Α.8.2. Zeroing match,

9.1.Α.8.3. Disqualification of the round,

9.1.Α.8.4. Disqualification of a season,

9.1.Α.8.5. Disqualification for life.

9.1.Α.9. The Organizing Committee consists of Theodoros Livadiotis, Constantinos Lyras, and Nick Nikandrou. League Director is Michalis Lyras. Members with suggestions or complaints may address to them.

9.1.Α.10. Any objections must be made in writing and submitted to the Nicosia Squash Association, no later than 2 days after the incident has occurred. In cases where the objections remain, the matter is referred to the Judicial Committee of the Cyprus Squash Association with the submission of € 20 by the claimant. This amount is refunded if the claimant wins the case or the court judges it. The decision of the Judicial Committee is final.

9.1.Α.11. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to amend or introduce regulations for improving the Championship at any time. However, any changes will come into force in the next round of the championship round.

9.1.Α.12. The ranking /standing of players (Promotion - Demotion) is defined as follows:

9.1.A.12.1. The winner of each match will receive 3 points while the loser, irrespective of the outcome, 1 point.

9.1.A.12.2. In the case of absences, then the score of 3-0 will be calculated and J and D will be entered in a separate table based on regulation 9.1.B.

9.1.Α.12.3. In the event of a tie for a promotion or demotion between 2 or 3 players, the result of the matches between them will be counted. If there is still no clear result, then the games and the points per game will be taken into consideration. For this reason, it is mandatory to record the points of each match.

9.1.Α.13. At the end of each round, the 2 highest ranked players are promoted to one category up, and the 2 lowest being demoted to one category down as follows:


Division 2 Division 3
Demoted from 5th place of div1 Demoted from 5th place of div2
Demoted from 6h place of div1 Demoted from 6h place of div2
Stay in 3rd place of div2 Stay in 3rd place of div3
Stay in 4th place of div2 Stay in 4th place of div3
Promotion from 1st place of div3 Promotion from 1st place of div4
Promotion from 2nd place of div3 Promotion from 2nd place of div4


9.1.Α.14. In the occurrence of a withdrawal or disqualification of a player, the vacant position might be covered either by reserving a player in the same category or by an additional promotion from the below category. The retention/promotion process will be alternated in order of priority from the top category, ie A5, B3, etc.

9.1.Α.15. According to the ranking of athletes in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd divisions, and after the promotion and demotions of each round, athletes will accumulate championship points where at the end the season will determine the champion. In the case of vacant positions in these three categories, the points will be given after the additional promotions according to regulation 9.1.Α.14. In the event of a tie of players, regulation 9.1.Α.12.3. will apply.

Championship points will be awarded as follows:


a/a Div1 Div2 Div3
1 24 16 8
2 22 14 6
3 20 12 4
4 19 11 3
5 18 10 2
6 17 9 1