9.1.B. NSA Squash League - Absences


9.1.B.1. Player who does not compete receives zero (0) points. The player is charged with J (Justified-Absence) only in the case he notifies his inability to compete beforehand, both to his opponent and the League Director and until noon (12:00) of the day that their match is scheduled. Failing to do so, the player is charged with D (Disqualified - unjustified absence).

9.1.B.2. During the championship each player should not exceed 2J per round and/or 1D in the total of the organized rounds.

9.1.B.2.1. Players should not exceed 1D (Disqualified - unjustified absence) at any time in the whole of the tournament in a season. In this case, where a player gets a 2nd D then he is disqualified for the rest of the season based on rule 9.1.B.3.

9.1.B.2.2. If a player exceeds the limit of 2 J during a round then the athlete is zeroed and demoted to a lower division. This can only happen once. In the case of a repeat, the player is disqualified for the rest of the season.

9.1.B.2.3. Cases of athletes doing their military service will be dealt separately.

9.1.B.2.4. Cases of absences due to certified injuries will be dealt separately.

9.1.B.3. If an athlete exceeds the permissible number of absences per round (justified and unjustified), then the athlete is disqualified from the League for the remainder of the season.

9.1.B.4. In cases where a player is disqualified for any reasons then the affected matches of that round are cancelled whether they have already been played or not.