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NSA Squash League

Begins in October and ends in May the NSA Squash League is Nicosia Squash Association's main activity where most of our members, seniors and juniors, participate!



NSA squash courts are situated at "Tasos Papadopoulos-Eleftheria" sports center at Engomi area. Access to the squash courts is open to all squash players. Cost for hiring a court includes lights and air-conditioning. Learn about the cost.

Learn about the cost.


What equipment do I need to play squash? Learn about the basics, i.e rackets, squash balls etc


Health Certificates

Please refer to Cyprus Sports Authority 's web site for relevant information and inquiries.



Learn about our membership packages for season 2018-2019, and make your choice for an active and enjoy full season


Squash - not just a game of
walls and balls!


Τροποποίηση προγράμματος 2ης αγωνιστικής για την 5η κατηγορία την 2α Νοεμβρίου, 2018

Με οδηγίες του ΚΟΑ τα γήπεδα την ερχόμενη Παρασκευή 2/11/2018 θα παραμείνουν κλειστά από τις 18:00 – 21:00 λόγω διεξαγωγής άλλης διοργάνωσης στο κεντρικό γήπεδο του σταδίου «Τάσος Παπαδόπουλος-Ελευθερία».

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NSA Squash League 2018-2019 begins

NSA Squash League 2018-2019 begins the following week, 22 – 26 October 2018. Five (5) rounds will be organized this season and all participants are getting ready for… lots of squash! The new divisions and matches schedules are now available and have been sent to all players. We would like to...

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