Nicosia Squash Association announces new season 2017-18!

Dear Members,

The Nicosia Squash Association (NSA) announces season 2017-18!

As the summer (sadly) comes to its end, we need to get organized and get ready for an exciting new season!


But until then, please take into consideration the following:

  • Choose from our 5 Personal Membership Packages (PMP) the one that suits you the most, or make your own PMP!
  • The Squash Ladder is included in all PMP and scheduled for summer 2018.
  • Easier participation to all NSA events by submitting the relevant DISCLAIMER.
  • Our first event for this season is the NSA Handicap Squash Tournament, scheduled on 11-22 September, 2017. Relevant announcement will follow shortly.

PLEASE NOTE: A valid health certificate is required to participate in the “NSA Squash Senior and Junior Open 2017-2018”. Please make sure that your health certificate is still valid. If not, please take the necessary actions to renew it on time. Also please note the new instructions issued by CSO (KOA) regarding this matter. NSA encourages all its members to hold a valid Health Certificate. According to Cyprus Squash Association’s Health Certificate (HC) regulation, a valid HC is only required for participation to official events, i.e. CY Closed, NSA Squash S & J Open.

How to join?

Simply follow the following steps!

  1. Registration to NSA (new members),
  2. Choose your PMP,
  3. Provide "Health certificate" or sign the “NSA tournament Disclaimer”,
  4. Sign the "Personal Data Protection Law (138(Ι) / 2001)" declaration (NSA is obliged according to the “Personal Data Protection Law” to request from each member to sign a declaration for handling each member’s personal data. This is essential for the organization of our events),
  5. Settle any fees due.

 For any inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us!


The NSA Committee