Court Regulations




Access to the courts is open to all players.

Non-members can also reserve a court after being registered for Court Access, which is free of charge.


Priority is given to registered members of NSA with the privilege of reserving a court up to 72 hours beforehand.

Non-registered members may reserve a court with different charges and reservation privileges. They can reserve a court up to one (1) day beforehand.

More information on access - right to use the courts of registered members can be found in the relevant section.



All players are required to wear squash shoes, or any other non-marking shoe, which do not cause any damage on the floor. The shoes must be clean and in good condition. Those who do not comply with this will be banned from using the courts and will be charged with the nominal reservation fee.

Reservations are made on the basis of the beforehand reservation privilege given to registered and non-registered members as described above.

For reservations you may contact Michalis Lyras at 99663970 on weekdays from 09:00 – 13:00 and 16:00 – 20:00.

Online court reservation access is granted only to registered members by their membership package they hold.

For cancellations you need to contact us by noon of the day of reservation. Otherwise, the reservation will be calculated as due.

During the peak period, a maximum of two (2) hours weekly usage is set with a maximum of one (1) hour daily use. This applies to all court users (registered / non-registered members).

The courts are available for reservations from Monday to Saturday according to courts availability.

While reserving a court, both players’ names should be stated being registered to NSA for court access.

Court availability may be modified according to Cyprus Squash Associations and Nicosia Squash Associations tournament and training schedule. In cases of non-compliance with the above, the use of the courts will be prohibited.



Due to the limited number of courts that we have at our disposal, Nicosia Squash Association urges its members, to use the courts in such manner that the courts are fully utilized.

Below please find few points for better understanding:

  • As peak period is considered to be the period from September to May of each year. 
  • As peak hours of the day are considered to be the times between 16:00 - 21:00 the weekdays and from 09:00 - 13:00 on Saturdays. 
  • During the peak period, a maximum of two (2) hours weekly use / court is set with the maximum of daily use to be set to one (1) hour. This applies to all court users (registered / non-registered members). During the June-August period, this restriction may be modified depending on demand. 
  • Both courts might be reserved on weekdays from 16:00 – 20:00 for the junior training of Nicosia Squash Associations’ Academy.
  • The remaining times/courts will be available accordingly either for bookings or for the organization of tournaments (check calendar).
  • Please pay attention in reference to the NSA Squash League, where matches should start on time and if a delay, not to be more than 5 minutes from the scheduled start time. Also, the members' cooperation is necessary so that in the event of matches’ cancellation the Association should be informed for a better management of courts and matches.
  • Please be informed that the court availability is subject for modifications according to Cyprus Squash Association’s and Nicosia Squash Association’s calendar and training schemes.





Access for a maximum usage of 2 hours per week is granted by membership package



Cost for hiring a court for 1 hour 


Prepaid Court Card for 5 court hours


Prepaid Court Card for 10 court hours 



Prices include lights and air-conditioning.