Instructions for the Online Court Booking Service

Please find below the instructions for the Online Court Booking service, for all users. This is to ensure the implementation of the regulations and the smooth operation of the offered service!

Access to this service is provided to members holding NSA’s membership packages for season 2018-2019 and to prepaid court cards holders, but with different reservation privileges. Members can reserve courts up to 72 hours prior to the game whereas prepaid court cards holders may book a court only 24 hours before.

During the peak season (September-June), the maximum weekly use of the squash courts is set to two (2) hours and the maximum daily use is set to one (1) hour. This applies to all court users (registered / non-registered members). Matches for tournament or League purposes are not considered for court reservation and do not count!

Reservations should be made by the user. Please state, the purpose of the reservation (eg, friendly game, league match etc) in the “Title" field and the name of your partner in the "Notes" field for statistical purposes.

In the case of guests, court charges apply. Please be informed!

The administrator may cancel reservations when above rules are not followed. We would like to stress that this is to ensure the implementation of the regulations and the smooth operation of the offered service!


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.