9.1.D. NSA Squash League - New entries


9.1.D.1. At the beginning of the season.

New members wishing to take part in the championship, who do not have rankings in the previous season's rating, may be included after the new members' ranking process (rule 9.1.E.).


9.1.D.2. During the championship.

The only case that during round 2 to 5, a new member can join the League is if a player's withdrawal or disqualification a position is void. This available position is defined after the athletes are promoted and demoted. The new member may fill this vacancy only if it is considered that the level of the new member is proportional to the level of the category with the vacancy. If the level of the category is higher, then the position is moved downwards based on the method analysed in paragraph 9.1.Α.14. In no case the vacancy will be transferred above. If the new member's level is higher, then he cannot participate.