9.1.C. NSA Squash League - Championship phases


9.1.C.1. 1st phase (League announcement)

Registration as from 1-22 September 2018. New ranking based on last year’s final rankings. For new entrants, the Tournament Committee sets the number of matches that must be played to assess as correctly as possible the position in which new members must join (process takes place from 25 September to 12 October 2018). After the final ranking list is arranged, the divisions and the match schedules for each division are prepared (members are given all relevant information by 15 October 2018 the latest).


9.1.C.2. 2nd phase (4 rounds)

League takes place in 5 rounds (start of 1st round 22 October – finishing on 23 November 2018). League is concluded with the announcement of 2018-19 League Champion, runner-up, Most Improved Player (MIP) and Most Improved Junior (MIJ) of the season, based on the division rankings. The final ranking of all members is defined by the division ranking of the last round and is not affected by the championship rankings.


9.1.C.3. 3rd phase (NSA Super Cup)

After the League Champion process is completed, the 8 athletes that have collected the most championship points will be allowed participation in a special championship. If any of the eight players cannot participate, the players following in the league championship list can fill the vacant positions. Participation right holds only those who have collected league championship points during the four rounds