2. Activities of Academy

The activities organized by the Academy are group and individual sessions as well as several tournaments as follows:


2.1. All NSA registered junior athletes can participate in the activities organized by our Association with the nominal fee per organization (article 3.6).

2.2. Group training sessions are organized into groups of athletes of the same level, in a 1-hour training session for twice a week.

2.3. Individual training sessions, if these are organized, will depend on the number of the availability of coaches and courts.

2.4. The maximum number of juniors per training group and the number of training sessions per week is defined by the level of the athletes, the number of coaches and the courts availability.

2.5. Condition for participation to the activities of the Academy and Association is the settlement of any past dues.

2.6. Participation in tournaments is calculated on a per event basis against the nominal fee (article 3.6).

2.7. For participation in competitions of the Cyprus Squash Association or other Regional Associations, relevant announcements will be sent to the registered members of our Academy, where each member will take their own actions.

2.8. In the case of transportation is arranged for the tournaments referred to in point 2.7. the athletes will be charged, in addition to the cost of participation, the cost for transport and escort services.

2.9. Condition for participation in the official tournaments of the Cyprus Squash Association is the athlete to have a valid health certificate ASYA/CSO and a CSA registry number.


Junior beginners will attend the first month of our introductory training program for free. Following that, there will be a subsidised (by NSA) participation fee of €60.  This subsidy is for one (1) year for to provide junior athletes the opportunity to know our sport (article 3.4).