3. Academy - Fees

We would like to announce the following charges for season 2019-2020 and discounts according to the relevant table (article 3.3).

Athletes of the NSA Academy who serve their military service will be able to participate in all our activities, coaching and competitions, free of charge.

Based on the above, please note the following clarifications:
  • The annual subscription is set to €10 payable at the beginning of each season (see reference in article 3.1).
  • Monthly training fee is set at € 80. Discounts are given according to the relevant table (article 3.2).
Related Regulations:

3.1. The annual subscription for the Academy of Nicosia Squash Association is set to € 10 and covers the period September 2019 to August 2020.

3.2. Training fee is set to € 80 and must be paid latest by the 1st week of each month. Under no circumstances will be allowed the transfer of debts for 2 consecutive months. Otherwise, the provisions of Article 6 (A) (a) of the Regulations will apply.

3.3. Discounts on monthly training fee are given in the following cases:

3.3.1. Discount € 5 for children of registered members of the Association who holds a Membership Package.

3.3.2. Discount € 5 per child in families with more than one child in Academy,

3.4. For junior beginners, attending the first week of our introductory training program is free of charge. Following that, there will be a subsidized (by NSA) participation fee of €60.  This subsidy is for one (1) year for to provide junior athletes the opportunity to know our sport.

3.5. In the case that only one training session per week is offered, the charge will be € 45 per month for each child as a minimum monthly fee. In this case, article 3.3. does not apply.

3.6. The fees and Discount Scheme for the period 2019-2020 is analyzed as follows:


NSA Academy annual subscription €10
Monthly Training fee €80

Subsidized training fee

(Offered to beginners on their first year)


Minimum monthly fee

(In the case that only one training session per week is offered)

Private training session €20
NSA Squash League 2019-2020 & NSA Squash Ladder €180

Tournament participation fee

(charge per category)


Discount on monthly training fee to children of NSA registered members owning Membership Package for season 2019-2020

(in case of more children, then it is counted with the following discount) 

€ 5
Discount on monthly training fee to families with more than one child to participate in the Academy’s activities € 5