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Health Certificates - NSA strongly advises all its members to hold a valid Health Certificate! 


NSA Handicap Squash Tournament 2019-2020   16-27/9/2019
NSA Super Cup 2018-2019   8-10/10/2019
Cyprus Squash Closed 2019   16-19/10/2019
NSA S&J Open 2019-2020   not organized
NSA Pre-Xmas Squash Tournament 2019-2020   25/11-7/12/2019
Cyprus Squash Closed 2020   not organized
NSA Summer Squash Tournament 2019-2020   cancelled due to COVID-19
NSA Summer Squash Ladder   July - August 2020
NSA Squash League 2019-2020 R1 21/10-22/11/2019
  R2 9/12/2019-24/1/2020
  R3 3/2-6/3/2020
  R4 cancelled due to COVID-19
  R5 cancelled due to COVID-19




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