Cyprus Squash Closed


CSRA's official event mainly organized by Nicosia Squash Association.

Being an official event, CSRA’s rules and regulations apply. Cypriots and Non-Cypriots athletes, residing in Cyprus for more than 2 years, are eligible to participate and required to hold a valid Health Certificate by Cyprus Sports Organization and be registered to Cyprus Squash Association.


Cyprus Squash Closed 2019 & 2020

This year's events are scheduled to be organized at “Tasos Papadopoulos Eleftheria” sports complex as follows:

  • CY Closed 2019 on 16-19/10/2019 and
  • CY Closed 2020 on 28/1-1/2/2020 (event to be confirmed).

Let's remember last year's event! Click on image.

Cyprus Squash Closed - Past Events