Summer Squash Ladder 2019


We are pleased to announce NSA Summer Squash Ladder 2019 (SSL19), starting on July 8th and expected to last until the end of August 2019.

It is essentially a ranking system of all the participating members and friends of the sport. It is separated from any other internal events, so even if you don’t want to commit to these events you can still participate in the ladder and vice versa.


The SSL19 lists the participants according to their latest regional ranking, which for this case we take into consideration the final ranking of the NSA Squash League 2018-2019/R5 and the results of the NSA Summer Squash Tournament 2018-2019. Players may move up the ladder by challenging and beating those listed above them. If you successfully challenge another member (i.e. you win), then you move up to your opponents’ position on the ladder, and your opponent will fall by one place. If you are unsuccessful (you lose), then both players stay in the same places as before.