Not a member? Not a problem!

Non–registered squash fans can get access to our courts, participate to several tournaments or even join our group training sessions!

As a Non-member, one can enjoy our sport at a more relaxed pace! Can reserve a court for a friendly game or join our training programs and learn about the sport, and why not participating in our events!

Hiring a court?

To cost for hiring a court for one hour is €10. Prices include lights and air-conditioning.

Registered Members have free access to the courts grated by their Membership Package for the season. If a Member invites a guest for a game there would be a charge for €5.

If 2 non-members reserve a court for one hour, the charge will be €10. Or choose the more cost-effective option by prepaying the Non-members Court Card for 5 or 10 court/hours.

Learn about Court charges - pricing table

How to reserve a court?

Non-members can reserve a court only by phone where Members have access to the Online Court Booking service granted by their subscription. 

How long in advance can someone reserve a court?

Priority is given to registered members of NSA with the privilege of reserving a court up to 72 hours beforehand.

Non-registered members may reserve a court with different charges and reservation privileges. They can reserve a court up to one (1) day beforehand.

Training programs

The cost for individual training is € 25 per session and for group training is €60.

Learn about senior training programs.

Participate to tournaments?

Learn when is the next tournament scheduled and why not join?