For your participation to official and unofficial events for season 2021-2022


As of September 1, 2021, we resume operation and we aim to organize all our events so that we feel alive again, even if this means returning to a different kind of normality!

Our events start in September, so we need to stress out the following:

  • We would like to inform/remind you that for participation in any Cyprus Squash Association's official events (i.e. CY closed 2021-2022), a valid Health Certificate of ASYA/CSO and CSRA’s athlete's registration number are required. Those who have Health Certificates are kindly requested to check for validity and in case there have been expired, to proceed with all necessary actions for their renewal. Please refer to Cyprus Sports Organization's web site for relevant information and inquiries, as Nicosia Squash Association cannot provide a detailed English version of the relevant announcement. For your CSRA athlete's registration number, please follow the simple steps found on our website. 
  • Participation in NSA's unofficial events can ONLY be allowed by submitting the DisclaimerNSA Squash League does not fall under the official competitions of the Cyprus Squash Association and the athletes competing are exempted from the obligation to hold the ASYA/CSO Health Certificate and instead to submit the  Disclaimer. Nonetheless, Nicosia Squash Association encourages all its members to carry out all necessary medical examinations to secure the ASYA / CSO Health Certificate.

The first official event for this season is scheduled in October, dates to be confirmed. More for information please check our calendar.


Nicosia Squash Association