NSA Pre-Xmas Squash Tournament 2022-23

We would like to announce our second unofficial event for the season, the NSA Pre-Xmas Squash Tournament 2022-23.

The event will be organized along with the NSA Squash Open 2022-23, from November 23rd – December 3rd 2022, giving the opportunity to all those members who will not be participating in our official event, to enjoy the game in a more casual and why not, relaxing way!

Priority of court time will be given to the NSA Squash Open 2022-2023, being the official event for the season!

The deadline for submitting your entries for the Pre-Xmas Squash Tournament 2022-23 is Friday 18th November 2022 at 18:00.

The event is included in the All-Inclusive membership package for season 2022-23.


The NSA Committee