Why Squash?

An intense sport

Squash is an intense fast-moving racket sport, that provides an excellent cardiovascular and aerobic workout. A complete workout in only 1 hour with the best cardio workout you can get! Squash has been recognized as the number one health and fitness sport.

According to Mensfitness article "Squash 101" , calories burned per hour in squash versus other sports

Squash = 1,034
Stationary Bike = 905
Soccer = 862
Cross-Country Running = 776
Tennis = 689
Basketball = 689
Yoga = 215

Easy to play

Squash is played by two or four players in a four-walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball and can be played at any age and is easy to learn. Players of different skills level enjoy the sport in either a leisure or competitive way.

Squash can be played any time of day, all year round!


Ways to get active

Make your choice Play, Train, or Compete


How to get started

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