An update on rules applied as of 1 of June, 2021


Following the statement by the Minister of Health, Mr. Constantinos Ioannou on 27 May 2021, further de-escalation steps have been decided. As of 1 of June 2021, the following rules apply, and all players, seniors, and juniors are obliged to comply with:

Maximum numbers - Limitation of occupancy:

Training is allowed with the maximum number of persons set at four (4) per court, including the trainer/coach. 

NO spectators are allowed in the adjacent area. 

A maximum number of persons in the adjacent area is set at eight (8) and should not be exceeded at any time.


Is required by all athletes, ages 12 and above, whereas for juniors under 12, a negative test (PCR /rapid), effective for 72 hours, is strongly recommended.

Safepass requirements:

-Negative test (PCR /rapid), effective for 72 hours.

-Vaccination at least with one dose and completion of a period of at least 3 weeks after the vaccination.

-Having contracted coronavirus in the past 6 months.

All players need to carry proof of identification and safe pass in case of inspection.

Arriving at courts – Leaving the area:

Special arrangements may be applied in order to avoid congestion.

Players should arrive at the courts not more than 5 minutes prior to their reservation and should leave the premises immediately and not more than 5 minutes after their reservation is concluded.

As maximum numbers should not be exceeded at any time, we strongly advise all parents and guardians not to enter the area. All junior athletes may be escorted outdoors upon completion of training, and safely delivered to their parents or guardians.

Reserve a court:

This can be done through our online booking service. Reservations can be made 96-18 hours beforehand. 

In the case of all available slots are booked, contact us to check for late cancellations or even examine the possibility of offering extra court hours on that day.

Face mask:

You must wear a face mask when you are entering and leaving the premises. Athletes while exercising can remove their face masks.

Changing rooms-toilets-showers:

Access to the changing rooms/toilets/showers is only allowed for toilet usage.

Sports equipment:

Bring your own equipment as we cannot lend or provide it due to restrictions.

Important Information:

Always have with you your identity card/passport and proof of the safe pass in case of inspection by the authorities.



Nicosia Squash Association