NSA Squash League


Begins in October and ends in June the NSA Squash League is Nicosia Squash Association's main activity where most of our members, seniors, and juniors participate!

The League is separated into Divisions, where each division has 6 players of a similar competitive level. Every League round lasts for 5 weeks, where players compete against each other, with one match scheduled per week.

Players accumulate points depended on their results and at the end of each round, they either get promoted, demoted, or remain in their current division. Check regulations!

League’s main purpose is to bring squash fans together and compete with each other in a friendly environment.  High interest and very competitive games are usually performed at higher divisions, as players get to compete for a place in the country's National Team.

To join us please refer to our offered services for the season! Download entry form (EN|GR)


NSA Squash League 2021-2022

Round 1 out of 5, is scheduled to begin on 18 October 2021, whereas the continuity of this event will be decided according to the pandemic’s condition in our area.

Deadline for participation in round 1 is 24 September 2021. Each round will be confirmed beforehand. The registration period for participation is set from 1-24/9/2021.


If you are not a registered member and you want to join this season, please contact us for assistance.

For participation in the NSA Squash League, we strongly advise all participants to hold a valid Health Certificate! In a different case, a Disclaimer is required!



For relevant information please refer to the following relevant regulations:




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