PAR 11

Details of scoring system:


  • Each game is scored up to 11 points, point-a-rally.

  • Matches are best-of-five games.

  • Rest in between games to remain as per rules (ninety seconds).

  • If the game score reaches 10-10 (ten all) there is no election by the receiver. A player must win the game/match by two clear points. The Marker to call: "10-10 (ten all), tiebreaker, player to win by two clear points, 0-0 (love all)". This announcement to be made only for the first game where the score reaches 10 all. Thereafter, Marker to call from second game on, at 10-10 (ten all): "10-10 (ten all), tiebreaker, love all".

  • The Marker to then to call the score as: "1-0 game ball (or match ball)", then "1-1", then "2-1 game ball (or match ball)", then "3-1 game to ** (match to **)".

  • Service to continue as per current rules.

  • The game score is then recorded, for all purposes, as: 11-10 (3-1). All scores are recorded with 11 as the winning player's score.


See below reference of the rules of single squash found here!


2.1 The winner of a rally scores 1 point and serves to begin the next rally.

2.2 Each game is played to 11 points, except that if the score reaches 10-all, the game continues until one player leads by 2 points.

2.3 A match is normally the best of 5 games, but may be the best of 3 games.

2.4 Alternative scoring systems are described in Appendix 3.