New squash season 2021-2022


We are pleased to announce Squash Season 2021-2022. As of September 1, 2021, we resume operation, so we invite you all to join us for this year’s activities.

Our main concern and priority is the safety of all our members, therefore we will be taking all necessary measures and do our best to maintain a Covid-19 free environment for all squash fans to enjoy the sport that we have all missed so much! This September, we return to a different kind of normality, and due to the uncertainty of what the next measures (if any) might be, we will be offering our services and activities for the season in the same Pay as you Play policy as last year.

To all returning from season 2020-21 members, we will be extending their membership subscription until 31/8/2022 so no additional subscription fees will be required to be paid for this season. So choose your preferences!

For all visiting players, access to the courts for reservations will be permitted, following all rules and regulations.


Participation in the NSA Squash League is open to all registered members. Join our League for season 2021-2022.

Round 1 out of 5, is scheduled to start on 18 October 2021. The registration period for participation is set from 1-24/9/2021 with a relevant announcement to follow.

If you are not a registered member and you want to join this season, please contact us for assistance.


Our first event for the season is scheduled for September 2021, with more information to follow. Announcements will be issued for each event, as per our calendar.


Court reservations can be made through our online court booking service with a 96-18 reservation window. Learn more.


For our junior friends, training will be organized, with a specific announcement to follow.


Due to the pandemic, special rules and regulations apply. These guidelines apply at the time of writing but may be revised at any time.

For accessing the courts and any adjacent areas and/or participation in all events, you need to hold a valid safe pass. In a different case, entrance to the court area will be prohibited.


Check our services offered in season 2021-2022.

For any inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Nicosia Squash Association

22 August 2021