Nicosia Squash Association announces Squash Season 2023-24


We are pleased to announce Squash Season 2023-2024! Our first event for the season will be the New Season Kick-off Squash Tournament 2023-24, from 11-22 September 2023, where participation will be free of charge and open to all players. Our main goal is to get all squash fans back in action. The NSA Super Cup 2022-2023, will follow and the NSA Squash League 2023-24 will yet again be organized, with the 1st round starting on 23 October 2023. So, check our calendar and get ready for lots of squash!

For this season, we will be offering the same Membership Packages as last year.

Regarding participation in our events, we need to stress the following:

-Players participating in official events, and competing for CY National ranking, (i.e. NSA Squash Open, CY Squash closed) must hold a valid Health Certificate and have a CSRA player's I.D. In a different case, players will not be able to claim points from the results of their participation.

-Participation in NSA's unofficial events can ONLY be allowed by submitting a Disclaimer. NSA Squash League does not fall under the official competitions of the Cyprus Squash Association and athletes competing are exempted from the obligation to hold the ASYA/CSO Health Certificate (HC) and instead submit a Disclaimer. Nonetheless, Nicosia Squash Association encourages all its members to carry out all necessary medical examinations to secure a HC.

The Membership Form 2023-24 can be submitted through the link . Click on clarifications (en/el) for assistance.

Please feel free to contact us for any assistance.


Nicosia Squash Association